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Weapons Of The Civil War (CCMS) February 24, 2015

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Weapons Of The Civil War is an interesting book for readers that like History. In my opinion, I would recommend this book to any teen, boy or girl. This book informs you of the weapons, how they used them, and what they look like. It’s a wonderful book if you enjoy reading about history, guns, and even a few facts!
-Lance Baggarley

Surviving Hitler (CCMS)

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It’s about a boy named Jack in the Nazi death camps. also known as the Holocaust.

The Holocaust was Hitler’s “Final Solution.” In the camp, Jack makes friends with some of the other prisoners and struggles to

keep himself and them alive too. They did not waste any food that they could get their hands on. Jack’s strength got weaker everyday and he began to get sick. He still managed to keep his life in his hands. He was one of the prisoners who never caused any trouble. He earned trust and soon got to work in the kitchen, where he stole food and got caught. He was never killed nor beaten. But, he did get less food, which he needed the most. He still longs to be reunited with his family.
Anyone who enjoys learning more about the Holocaust, this book would be perfect. Some body who likes to read about broken hearts, lies, emotion, fear, and death. This book would be perfect for them. I, myself, really enjoyed this book. It’s definitely one of my favorite books. -Keili O’Neill

Warriors:Fire and Ice (CCMS)

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After the horrible battle, Fireheart and Graystripe gets selected to be a warrior. Fireheart is the only one who knows about what really happened with Ravenpaw and who killed Oakheart, the river clans deputy. There is word that  the thunder clan’s member Tigerclaw had something to do with it. Is Tigerclaw going to betrayal the thunder clan or was he just not apart of it? -Bo Gaddy


Eleanor and Park (CCMS)

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This book is a tear jerker and page turner for girls in middle school and maybe in high school.
The story starts with Eleanor, a young teenager with ugly clothes and wild red hair. She moves in with her mother, siblings, and her alcoholic stepfather. She starts her first day of school by already getting bullied for her mismatched clothes. On the bus, she is forced to sit with some “stupid” Asian kid.
Everyday, the “stupid” Asian kid, reads a comic book. She leans in and takes a peek, and he even gives it to her to read.
When the silence is finally broken, the Asian kid introduces himself as Park.
Park starts to develop awkward feelings for her, and she does too.
Meanwhile, Eleanor is getting bullied by a group of mean girls, who even takes her clothes during gym class, and makes fun of her weight. Once Park finds out, he sticks up for her, and even gets into a fight for her.
Once they become boyfriend and girlfriend, he tries to visit her, which makes things worse for her at her house, with her drunk stepdad.
The ending is so crazy and surprising.
Like I stated before, this book is a tear jerker, and a page turner for middle, and even highschool, girls. When you finish, you will wonder why she did it. (And I’m not going to tell you!) -Madison Fastiggi


The Misfits (CCMS)

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Bobby Goodspeed is a misfit in the seventh grade. His three best friends are Skeezie, Addie, and Joe. They’re all known as “The Gang of Five”, which is a joke because there’s only four of them. At the misfits’ school, there’s a lot of name calling, and all four of them get picked on just for the way they are. When their school starts to vote against two different types of parties, “The Gang of Five” try to convince the school to come up with a third party. At first, they wanted it to be a political party, but as the voting for parties progress, Bobby comes up with an idea for the party to be a “No-name” party. The principal loves the idea, and lets the misfits continue their movement.

     I personally recommend this book to anyone that is fully against bullying, and love fighting for what they believe in. I loved this book, and it’s not just about politics and bullying. This book is also about other experiences teenagers might go through. Like, having crushes, liking someone, and trying to figure out who you truly are. I think it’s amazing. I hope that if you read it, you’ll love it just as much as I did.    -Star Mobley

Defying Death At Sea (CCMS)

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I would recommend this book to people that are afraid of getting lost at sea. This book can tell you what to do if you are ever stranded at sea. This book also tells you about how other people survived at sea. This book can tell you what kind of sea ice that you can eat. -Avery Hammock